11 September 2020

The Volcano

Room 16 and Room 15 have been working on dance and music for the poem 'The Volcano'. This video shows our performance. 

28 August 2020

Daffodil Day

 Today was Daffodil Day. We wore yellow clothes and made a donation to help people with cancer. 

We made our own daffodils too. We used old egg trays, coloured paper and tissue paper. 

07 August 2020

Lava races

 Today Room 15 watched videos of different types of lava. We noticed that some lava moves very quickly and some moves very slowly.

Then we used golden syrup, oil, water and dishwashing liquid to have lava races! We made predictions and then observed whether our predictions came true. The fastest were oil and water. The slowest were golden syrup and dishwashing liquid. 

25 June 2020

St Johns with Jane

"When we went to St Johns, Jane taught us about DRSABC."- Kalayus

"We learnt Safe Side. If somebody is unconscious or has fainted, you do Safe Side. First, make a pillow arm, then a seatbelt arm, bend your knees and roll them over. Finally, high five the ground."- Tupara

"When your hand is bleeding, put a tissue or towel on it and bandage it tight so the bleeding stops."- Bhadra

"We learnt how to keep ourselves safe."- Mahi

"Jane taught us how to call 111. You tell them your address, your phone number and what happened."- Tyra and MacKenzie

"Jane reminded us to pull over to let ambulances past."- Aryan

29 May 2020

The Colours of my Heart

This week in Room 15 we have been thinking about colours and our feelings. We read the book My Many Coloured Days and then wrote about a day that we felt bright blue or red. We also wrote poems using similes and created art to show the colours and feelings in our hearts.

"Yellow makes me fancy like a unicorn running"- MacKenzie

"Turquoise makes me feel lazy like a river"- Olivia

"We used glue, plastic sheets and coloured tissue paper for our hearts"- Mahi

"White makes me feel like a cloud"- Aryan

"Purple makes me feel like a unicorn dancing on the rainbows"- Ayanna

"Pink makes me feel warm like the sun"- Bhadra

"Grey makes me feel as slow as a sloth"- Cameron

"Grey makes me feel cool"- Tupara

"Pink makes me feel pretty like a mermaid"- Aeris

"Purple makes me feel lazy like I'm in bed"- Mahi

"Red makes me feel angry"- Chloe

"Blue makes me feel cold"- Doug

"Purple makes me feel jealous like a bear"- Olivia

22 May 2020

Room 15's Worry Dolls

"We worked so hard to make our worry dolls."- Jashneel

"My worry doll is so cute because she has cute eyes and a cute mouth."- Bella

"We made our worry dolls out of small pieces of wood, fabric and soft wool."- Amelia

"We made our worry dolls on Tuesday. First we used some pegs, then some soft wool and then made their hands by using pipe-cleaners."- Ayanna

"We made our worry dolls using different kinds of materials."- Bhadra

"I made a slide for my worry doll."- Cameron

"I made a bedroom for mine."- Sophie

"I made some friends for my worry doll."- MacKenzie

"We tried to make a house out of paper but it didn't work. So I tried to use string too and that worked."- Mahi

08 May 2020

Home learning Week 4- All About Autumn

This week for Room 15's home learning we were thinking all about autumn. We read poems and books about autumn and used autumn leaves as inspiration for our art and writing.

Our first challenge was to collect autumn leaves and sort them into groups by size, colour or shape. Can you tell how we sorted these leaves?

Some of us also took on the challenge of creating autumn art in a unique way.

We also wrote sentences about an autumn scene. We wrote about what we see, hear, smell, taste and touch when it's autumn. Can you picture the autumn scenes that we have described?