06 February 2020

Kia ora! Welcome to Room 15

Kia ora koutou! My name is Heather and I am so excited to be teaching in Room 15 this year.

I grew up on a farm in England and moved to Aotearoa New Zealand 11 years ago. I have also spent time teaching English in South Korea and Costa Rica. I enjoy spending time outdoors hiking, reading books and learning new languages. 

Room 15 had a fantastic first day back at school yesterday. To start our school year we'll be exploring who we are and where we're from in our Tūrangawaewae unit. 

Ka kite anō! See you soon


19 November 2019

Cooking with Megan

"Making dumplings with Megan"
By Aryan

We are having a Food Festival at Hamilton East School in week 8. We are learning about cooking and food technology before the Food Festival, and we are very lucky to have Edward's mum Megan coming in every Friday to cook with us.

Here is some of our writing about the cooking:

Next Friday we are going to make sushi it might taste Yum I like sushi 🍣.
By Zach

Our amazing classmates cooked dumplings. There was chilli sauce and soy sauce and fish sauce and onion sauce. I liked the chilli sauce. It was mind-blowing. The ingredients were carrots and cabbage and water chestnuts and mushrooms. - Ali

This week my class is going to make sushi. I think that it is going to be delicious. Megan will help us make sushi. We will have fun. I hope I make sushi and my friends help too. I don't mind if I don't help, I just want to eat it. I love sushi. It will taste amazing. - Malia

I loved the dumplings. It was delicious. I liked it when it was with the sauce. - Beau

We made dumplings. They were super delicious. There was carrot. It is good for you. I was super surprised because there was not much left. - Edward

We are going to make some sushi. I love sushi. - Victoria

This week we are making sushi. It could be made out of seaweed and rice but I do not like sushi because it is too fishy. - Safwaan

I am cooking with Megan. We will be making chocolate slices with marshmallows. I will make it at home too. I feel excited because they are very good. - Dezariah

Our class did cooking with Megan. The dumplings were yuck because there were peas in them. - Royal

The cookies were great. Edward's mum cooked them with some people. They were great because they had sugar inside them. - Hunter

Some people in the classroom made cookies. - Jashneel

Our class made dumplings. I got to grate a carrot. Then I got to eat a carrot. Then I got to do the dishes. - Cooper

17 November 2019

Space Ice Cream

Malia brought some space ice cream to school. It is freeze-dried ice cream. We got a chance to try some (if we wanted to!).
Image result for space ice cream
Here is some of our writing about it:

The icecream looked like a cookie and it was sweet and it was strawberry flavour. I liked it and everybody had the ice cream too and it was space ice cream.

By Ari

Space ice cream is delicious. In space it has to be hard because if it is a liquid it will stick to your hand like gel. It will also turn into bubbles.

By Safwaan

The ice cream was amazing. It was white, pink and chocolate.

By Bella

I tried space ice cream. It tasted like milk powder. I thought it was “yuck.”

By Cooper

It tasted like mint and real ice cream. Maybe it was made from biscuit and flour. It was strawberry and chocolate and vanilla. Also it had powder in it. It was from Malia.

By Rosina

26 August 2019

Cross country

On Thursday we were supposed to have our school cross country race, but with thunderstorms forecast, we postponed the race until Friday. Sadly, we had to run in the rain on Friday because the weather did not want to cooperate!

All of our students joined in and tried their best, even in the rain, and our Year 2s all completed 2 laps of Putikitiki (our school field). They all showed perseverance and were proud of their efforts. They will remember this cross country race day experience because of the weather!

Here is some of our writing about the race...

We ran by the road and I came 5th. It was exciting.
By Dezariah

I ran. I was breathing fast. My chest was puffing and my heart was beating fast.

I was not happy because I felt sick. Afterwards I put on my jacket and I was warm. I felt happy.
By Jashneel

I had the minions umbrella. It was raining. I gave Mum the umbrella and I started to run.
By Bella
We had cross country. I was so tired. I had the stitch. It was exhausting.
By Ali
I was running. It was not fun because I got a stitch. It was raining. I got wet.
By Cooper

I ran cross country. I was fast. I ran slow and steady. I came fourth. I felt proud of myself. It was tiring.
By Edward

There were lots of people at cross country.
By Beau
On Friday we did cross country. It started raining. We were running and Peachgrove kids came. When we came in I started crying because I wanted my mum.
By Zoe
I did cross country down Putikitiki with my friends. It was pouring down. 
By Malia
When I went in cross country it was raining super hard. Year 2 boys had to wait for a wee while. We ran though. I came second.
By Max

19 August 2019

Kaboom Percussion Show

We saw the Kaboom Percussion show today. Edward even got to go up on stage! Here is some of our writing about the show:

I went to Kaboom. They had cups. I know the tricks. I was up on stage. It was crazy.

By Edward

I liked Kaboom. The cups were the best. The cups were magic.

By Elijah

We went to the Kaboom show. The show was awesome. I saw a cup of water appear under their cups.

By Victoria

I saw cups and drums and they did magic with cups on a table or cupboard.

By Rosina

I went to the Kaboom Percussion. My favourite was the cups. Kat was funny! Josh was rude!

By Vai

My class went to the Kaboom show to see the people doing tricks. I saw the cups trick.

By Reijeli

I ran to Kaboom Percussion. I was excited. I knew all their tricks. It was awesome. I liked all of it.

By Ali

I liked the drums because they were tossing the drumsticks
around and the girl dropped three of the sticks and the boy
dropped four of the sticks.

By Cooper

I liked the drums because they threw the sticks together.
It was funny.

By Jashneel

I liked Kaboom Percussion. I loved the drums.

By Hunter

They played the drums and Theo went on the stage. The
drums were cool.

By Dezariah

I liked the Kaboom Percussion.

By Zach

I liked Kaboom. It was amazing.

By Bella

I went to Kaboom. It was cool. I liked it.

By Beau

My class went to Kaboom Percussion. I liked the drumming
the best. My friend went up on stage. I liked watching them.

By Malia

Today we went to Kaboom Percussion. There were two people.
The best bit was the story. It was called The Two Musicians.
Josh’s dad told the story.

By Safwaan

12 May 2019

Adding detail to our writing


We are continuing to work on adding descriptive detail and interesting words to our writing to create a picture for our readers. 

Here is some of our writing:

The seal is on the ice. The sea looks bumpy like it is going to freeze. The water looks like jelly.

By Zoë

The seal is white like the ice and cute like a puppy. She is waiting for her mother to come. Her eyes are black.

By Rosina

The seal is on the ice and it is looking around for its mum. The mum came back to the baby seal. The mum brought their food.

By Reijeli

The cute baby seal is resting on the snow. The sea looks like jelly and the seal is camouflaging into the snow and it is adorable.

By Safwaan

I am in Antarctica. I see a furry seal. It is on an iceberg. The sea looks solemn. It looks like it is going to freeze.

By Edward

The little seal is fluffy. It is waiting for its mother and father. They are getting some fish for the little seal.

By Max

We are writers

Image from:

We are working on making our writing interesting for our readers. Adding descriptive detail and interesting words helps to create a picture in our readers' minds. 

This week we had a close look at this picture and talked about how we could write about it in a way that would be interesting for our readers. We all agreed that it would be very boring if we just said "The bird is flying."

Here is some of our writing:

There is a hawk above the river. The river is flowing over a jungle with steep rushing mountains through the jungle.

By Zoë

The hawk is swooping. There is a river flowing over a jungle with steep hills.

By Cooper

There is a hawk flying in the sky. It is a beautiful hawk in the sky.

By Malia

I can see a hawk up in the sky and the mountains and there are little trees and big trees and big mountains and little mountains.

By Rosina

There is a hawk in the sky. There is a beautiful garden. There is a beautiful swirling river. There are mountains.

By Vai

I can see a hawk and I can see a tree and I can see mountains. The trees are tall and I can see a river.

By Reijeli

The hawk is floating over the mountains and the river is green.

By Olivia

The hawk is flying high and there is a green river.

By Lucian

I can see hawks. The hawks are swooping to find their home where the trees are.

By Aryan

The hawk is swooping. There is a river flowing, rushing through a beautiful jungle.

By Ali

I saw a hawk gliding. The hawk swooped down on me.

By Beau

The water is rushing in the river. I am on the most powerful eagle. It is not for fun. The eagle is a bus for special people. There are rocks and trees.

By Edward

The hawk is swooping over a river and it is also going over a jungle.

By Max