12 May 2019

Adding detail to our writing

Image: pobble365.com

We are continuing to work on adding descriptive detail and interesting words to our writing to create a picture for our readers. 

Here is some of our writing:

The seal is on the ice. The sea looks bumpy like it is going to freeze. The water looks like jelly.

By Zoë

The seal is white like the ice and cute like a puppy. She is waiting for her mother to come. Her eyes are black.

By Rosina

The seal is on the ice and it is looking around for its mum. The mum came back to the baby seal. The mum brought their food.

By Reijeli

The cute baby seal is resting on the snow. The sea looks like jelly and the seal is camouflaging into the snow and it is adorable.

By Safwaan

I am in Antarctica. I see a furry seal. It is on an iceberg. The sea looks solemn. It looks like it is going to freeze.

By Edward

The little seal is fluffy. It is waiting for its mother and father. They are getting some fish for the little seal.

By Max

We are writers

Image from: pobble365.com

We are working on making our writing interesting for our readers. Adding descriptive detail and interesting words helps to create a picture in our readers' minds. 

This week we had a close look at this picture and talked about how we could write about it in a way that would be interesting for our readers. We all agreed that it would be very boring if we just said "The bird is flying."

Here is some of our writing:

There is a hawk above the river. The river is flowing over a jungle with steep rushing mountains through the jungle.

By Zoë

The hawk is swooping. There is a river flowing over a jungle with steep hills.

By Cooper

There is a hawk flying in the sky. It is a beautiful hawk in the sky.

By Malia

I can see a hawk up in the sky and the mountains and there are little trees and big trees and big mountains and little mountains.

By Rosina

There is a hawk in the sky. There is a beautiful garden. There is a beautiful swirling river. There are mountains.

By Vai

I can see a hawk and I can see a tree and I can see mountains. The trees are tall and I can see a river.

By Reijeli

The hawk is floating over the mountains and the river is green.

By Olivia

The hawk is flying high and there is a green river.

By Lucian

I can see hawks. The hawks are swooping to find their home where the trees are.

By Aryan

The hawk is swooping. There is a river flowing, rushing through a beautiful jungle.

By Ali

I saw a hawk gliding. The hawk swooped down on me.

By Beau

The water is rushing in the river. I am on the most powerful eagle. It is not for fun. The eagle is a bus for special people. There are rocks and trees.

By Edward

The hawk is swooping over a river and it is also going over a jungle.

By Max

09 May 2019

Autumn leaves

We are really lucky to have many beautiful trees on our school grounds. At the moment some of them have lovely Autumn colours. 

There are also lots of leaves of all different shapes and colours falling onto the ground. These are lots of fun to play with!

We have been investigating why some leaves change colour and fall off the trees. 
Here is some of our writing:

I saw a leaf in the basket. It was yellow.


One time I saw a leaf fall off the tree. It was red. I picked it up.

By Ari

The leaf fell down because it got old. That is why it fell down. It looked green and red.

By Hunter

I saw a big leaf in the basket.

By Hassan

At Autumn the leaves fall down from the tree.

By Cooper

I saw a leaf and my sister saw a leaf. Me and my sister played with the leaves.

By Jashneel
The evergreen trees keep their leaves. They stay on the tree. Sometimes the leaves turn colour and fall off the tree.

By Rosina

Why do trees lose their leaves? The leaf comes off because it has a separation layer. Why do leaves go red and yellow? Because the leaf has red and yellow in it and the green goes away.

By Vai

Why do trees lose their leaves? Because they fall down. Do all trees lose their leaves? No, but they get pretty leaf colours.

By Reijeli

Why do trees lose their leaves? Because the trees make a separation layer. All trees don’t lose their leaves because there are two special types. Deciduous and evergreen.

By Safwaan

I learned about leaves. They can be purple and I like the purple leaves because they are so cool.

By Ali
The leaves fall down to the ground because it is almost winter.

By Dezariah

I am talking about deciduous trees and evergreen trees. Deciduous trees lose their leaves.

By Beau

Hi, I am talking about leaves. There are deciduous and evergreen trees. What happens is when the leaves are green they have yellow inside.

By Edward

We have been learning about leaves. The ones that are always green are called evergreen. The other ones are called deciduous.

By Max

The leaves fall off the trees.

By Zach

The leaves have colours and the trees make colours and the wind blows the leaves off the trees.

By Olivia

18 March 2019

Clickety Clack Cicada

We have been finding out all about cicadas. This inquiry started because we were finding cicada shells around the school during lunchtime and bringing them back to show the class.

We also found some live cicadas, and had a really good look at them, before returning them to the garden so that they can go and live happily. We decided that this is especially important after we found out that cicadas live for a long time (sometimes several years) underground in their grub stage, but they only have a very short time above the ground to fly around and call and find a mate.

We learnt a poem about a cicada:

 Clickety-Clack Cicada Clickety-clack cicada Clinging to the wall, When the sun is sleeping You don’t sing at all. But when the sun is shining On summer days so long, Clickety-clack cicada What a noisy song! By Jill Brasell

We also did some writing about our cicada knowledge:

Animals have different ways of getting a mate. Cicadas use noise.   - Beau

When they are young they are underground. When they get older they come up and turn into an adult cicada.  - Vai

Cicadas are noisy. They make a noise if you touch them.   - Maycn

There are lots of different kinds of cicadas. There are black ones and green ones.   
- Victoria

When they are adults they call to get a mate or partner. - Ali

Male cicadas call and female cicadas listen and click when they hear a male they like. - Malia

26 February 2019

Gardens Trip

On February 15 our whole school went to Hamilton Gardens. We visited the Te Parapara Maori gardens, where we saw the kumara growing, and our Kapahaka group put on an impressive performance. 

Then we walked to the rose gardens to do some sketching.

After that, we relaxed in the playground before catching the bus back to school.

14 February 2019

The New Totara Playground

Our new Totara playground opened this week. We've been enjoying playing on it, and we had a special exploration time just for Rooms 15 and 16. We're so lucky, just look at all the fun things we can do!

04 February 2019

Cooling off in the pool

We are really enjoying being able to swim in the pool on these hot summer days! 

At the moment we are working on water confidence and assessing skill levels. From next week (week 3) until week 7 we will be having twice-weekly lessons with swimming instructors funded by Find Your Field of Dreams. This will be a wonderful opportunity to improve confidence and skills with qualified instructors.

Swimming is Term One’s main physical education focus, a part of the New Zealand curriculum and important to your child’s safety to develop water confidence and skills, so it's important to bring  togs every day!