Sunday, February 18, 2018

Cooperative Games

Cooperative Games

In Week 2, Jono from Project Energize came to show us how to play games that need us to work together.

The first game we played was moving the hoop around the circle. We had to help each other and make sure that the circle didn’t get broken (we had to keep holding hands to keep the circle in one piece). This was tricky, especially when we had to do it fast to race the other half of the class.

Then we learned how to play “Cat and Mouse.” The ‘cat’ was the big ball, and the ‘mouse’ was the little ball. We had to keep passing the balls around the circle and not drop them, and the mouse had not get caught by the cat.

Another game that we learned was “Goodies and Baddies.” Each team of 3 had a hoop on the ground with tennis balls (‘goodies’) and bean bags (‘baddies’). You had to run to another team’s hoop and give them your baddie, and take one of their goodies, then run back to your team. The team with the most goodies and least baddies was the winner. It was tricky to remember that only one team member could run at once, and that they could only get rid of one baddie and pick up one goodie each time.

We will have to remember how to play these games so that we can play them again!

Swimming Lessons with Find Your Field of Dreams

Swimming Lessons with Find Your Field of Dreams

This year, Find Your Field of Dreams are sponsoring swimming lessons for our school’s students again. Lessons started last week, and we’re excited to have this chance to have lessons with professional swimming instructors.
This was Room 15’s first lesson. We enjoyed learning new skills and developing our water confidence!

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Welcome to 2018!

We are excited and ready to begin our year of learning at Hamilton East School. We are looking forward to sharing our journey with you on our blog!

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Science Experiment 1 - What does yeast need to be active?

We wanted to see what yeast needed in order for it to be active.  We put different things in each jar and watched to see what happened.  In the first jar we put cold water and salt, in the second jar is cold water and sugar, in the third jar is warm water, in the fourth jar is warm water and salt, in the fifth jar there is warm water and sugar.  We put a teaspoon of yeast in every jar and this is the result.

We learnt that yeast needs sugar and warm water or cold water to be active.  But it worked best with warm water.

Our Afternoon with Ruben

Ruben on the slide backwards!

Last Friday Ruben came to school. We took him for a tour from our classroom to the Rainbow Playground.  He liked to slide down the slide on the Rainbow Playground.  We showed him the sandpit on middle and he liked throwing the sand up in the air.  Ruben is Mrs Maunsell's grandson.

Written and photographed by Evanijah

Saturday, November 18, 2017

The Wild Robot - Chapter Chat - Week 5

There has been a lot of conversation and building of lodges this week, both at school on Putikitiki and at home.  A number of students from our class took up the homework challenge to make a Lodge this week.  They were all greeted with such admiration when they arrived at school, even though they were all different. Please check out the chosen highlights on Chapter Chats Facebook page.

Highlights from Week 5

Sunday, November 12, 2017

The Wild Robot - Chapter Chat - Week 4

This week we made posters that explain "How to deal with someone who is being unkind."  Several of our posters were featured on Chapter Chat's Facebook page under the highlights for Week 4.  We also had some two pieces of art featured.  We drew what we thought the Robot's Graveyard would look like, based on what we read in the book. 

Please have a look at the highlights for Week 4's Chapter Chat  - click here