Thursday, May 17, 2012

Interesting Worm Facts

We have been investigating interesting facts about worms this week.

Check out our favourite worm website:

Earthworms make homes all day.  Earthworms live underground. 
 They eat fruit skins.  They are scared of birds because birds eat them. 
 Earthworms have cold blood.  They have five hearts.  
The biggest worm was found in America.  Sujay

They also have lungs but not the same as us and
 they don't have legs or arms.  They like to eat compost. 

They have stripes on their body and they wriggle.  I like the part when they built a worm house and they put vegetables in it.  Denver 

Monday, May 14, 2012

Waikato Winter Show

Room 15 boarded the  school bus excited to be travelling to this years Waikato Winter Show.
The Winter show has been thrilling children and adults for many years. Maybe our mums and dads went along when they were children, you may wish to ask them?

The Waikato show celebrates the community and all the great things we do.

Lets take a look around

Geese and Turkeys

Funky Monkey Dance
Hey who's that on the stage
its the Funky Monkeys oh yeah
Lets take a stroll outside
smell the candy floss and hear the rides
What's that noise coming from around the corner
oh my it's sheep, donkeys, goats and alpaca
Lot's of people here and there
Laughing, smiling, everywhere.

My favourite part was the earthquake bits.  I'm never going to visit my aunty in Christchurch because they had an earthquake.  I went on stage.  Courtney

On Friday we went to the show.  I liked the Funky Monkeys because when the kids came on the stage Chris said  "can you do something?"  Joe said "eat your foot." We said "Joe!"  Alyssa

On Friday we went to the Event Park and we saw a show.  My favourite part was the Funky Monkeys and at the end we sang 'Bubbles'.  Navaeh