Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Swimming. Beginning 2013 with a splash!

We are all enjoying our swimming time each day.  Here we are having a competition to see how much water we can get into a bucket.  We have to be so careful not to tip it all out!

Michelle wrote:  I was pretty nervous when I got in the pool.  I screamed and jumped and had fun.  I did star jumps and blew bubbles.  I love swimming.  We made a whirl pool. Waves pushed me around like a twirling bird.

We have had visits from Project Energize and Swim Safe.

Navarah wrote: Swimming is awesome.  Antonia and I blow bubbles under water for 20 seconds.

I love swimming and I can do a handstand and I can so dolphin dives and doggy paddle.  Swimming is good.  It makes me safe in the water.  Wynter 

A fantastic way for me to develop my water confidence.

When we go to swim we have to be confident and be true to yourself.  We use the boards to float.   My favourite  type  of swimming is backstroke and dolphin dives.  Isabel.

We also had a visit from Koru the Kiwi at Positive assembly.  He is a good friend of Wendy from Swim Safe.