Sunday, March 16, 2014

Turangawaewae Writing

This term Room 15 has been learning about some plants and insects that are special to us.  

Here is a sample of our writing.  We wrote about the creepy crawly weta, the loud noisy cicadas and the magnificent sunflower.

The weta looks a bit scary don’t you think?  They are special because they are the biggest insect creatures in the world.  They look like a spider and they have long long legs like a spider too.  There’s one thing that spiders don’t have: antennas.  Tia

A giant weta is creepy and special.  They come out at night.  Cats and rats and hedgehogs eat them.  Save the weta because they are good.  Hussein

The cicadas stick on trees.  They have stick legs.  They have sticky stuff on them.  Cicadas are black and green and they make lots of noise.  They don’t live in the water they live in a tree.  Cicadas don’t stop making lots of noises.  They live underground for three years.  Esther

We found a live cicada.
                           Katrina and Masi found a live cicada nymph                               emerging from it's burrow. 

My dad and mum and sister and baby brother, and me, go for a walk  along the river.  We pick up all the litter people throw around.  Aniisa

The sunflower is special for the bees to get pollen.  The bees get the pollen from the sunflower and the bees make honey for people to make good food.  Ria

The sunflower is beautiful.  It is yellow and gold.  It has beautiful petals.  Clarabell

Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Look at all the lines.   We practise 'Look draw look' by very carefully drawing the lines we can see.  Looking around we see lines everywhere!  What type of lines can you see in this picture Room 15?

Wavy lines, fat lines, curved lines, skinny lines, straight lines, tiny lines, long lines, fuzzy lines and some wiggly lines.