Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Term Two.


This term we have started an inquiry topic called ‘Money doesn’t grow on trees.’

  Does Money Grow on Trees?

Why do we use money?

Where does money come from?

How many 1 cent coins do you need to earn to make 1 dollar?

We had a visitor from the ASB bank  who gave us advice about how to save money    She taught our class a game called Shop Around!
We played another game that was all about working together and co-operating.  We had to go as fast as we could.  We had to pass the money over our heads and into a container.  Who was the winner!


In our Maths learning we enjoyed compiling a shopping list and adding up the total cost of our items.

What am I going to put in my shopping basket?


We imagined what it would be like to be a coin.  

My Adventures as a Coin

If I was a coin I would travel with people everywhere they go.  It would be amazing if I was a coin.  Esther

Once upon a time there was a coin that was made in a British money factory.  Then he was given to a toyshop.  One day a little boy came to the toyshop and brought a toy plane. The shopkeeper gave him the dollar and the coin went home.  The next day he took the coin to the bank.  That night a robber came and stole the coin.  But then a policeman came and arrested the robber and took the coin back to the bank.  

My life began in a coin factory.  It was a bit lonely.  I rolled off the table and fell outside!  That is where my adventure began.  I rolled around the playground and a kid saw me and picked me up.  He took me home.  I was spent on some lollies from the dairy.