Sunday, August 24, 2014

Monday, August 11, 2014

Character Writing

Our current writing unit is about developing a character.  We are learning to describe their personality and appearance. Last week we wrote about someone special to each of us.  We have tried to use our senses to help us and include similes as well.

I have this friend at school.  Her name is Tia.  She is always funny as a clown.  She always makes me cry when I laugh.  I always get to play with her.  We are best friends.  She always wears cute clothes and shoes.  She is my best friend forever.  She is eight years old.  Aniisa

My dog Fluffy is so slow.  She is as slow as a snail.  She even tried to run to get her bone.  When I come home from school she doesn’t try to run.  She just lies on the couch.  Katrina

Stampy Cat is a minecraft character.  He has lots of buildings.  He is an orange and white cat.  He has a fun land.  His friend is Lofar Lee.  Stampy Cat has cake for breakfast everyday.  Kayden