Monday, February 16, 2015

What did we do on the weekend?

For oral language today we shared what we got up to on the weekend. Ryan played outside with a ball. Regahn watched cartoons on T.V. Giselle practised swan lake ballet moves outside with her beautiful, purple, blue, pink and white dress on. Lukman and Ahmed played soccer together. Cruz went to Whitianga and rode a little bicycle. He also went to the beach and he jumped off a big rock into the sea and almost got swept away! Jade stayed at home waiting to go to the park and while she waited she watched Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. She ate chocolate, chips and had fizzy drink. David went to Raglan. He saw some people jumping off the bridge. Noah BW also went to Raglan. He went on a sea biscuit and when he was being towed along he fell off into the water and the water tickled his bottom. Zahad went to the big Warehouse and he got a Mercedes car! Raedence went to Auckland and stayed at her sister's house. She played tag with her sister and they slept in the same room. They went to the park and saw their Nan there. Jasnoor went The Warehouse and bought three hotwheels. A starcar, a jetcar and one other car.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Swimming in Room 15

Room 15 go swimming every day.  The pool feels freezing when we first get in but we get used to it after a while.  
Anab likes to use the flutter board to help her paddle across the pool. 
David is learning to swim right to the end of the pool without touching the bottom.  
Charlie can glide across the pool with only one breath.  
Cruz is practising freestyle with his arms.  
Giselle is learning to do a starfish on her back without sinking. 
Regahn is also learning to do a starfish on his back. Caylee is learning to sit on the bottom of the pool.

It is important to learn to swim because we have lots of areas near water in New Zealand and we want to stay safe in the water.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Welome to Room 15, 2015

Here we are, Room 15 - 2015.
Our teacher is Miss Kerry Langdon and we can call her Miss Langdon or Kerry.  A lot of children in Room 15 love to write. One of the things we love about term one is that we can swim in the school pool every day.  A special thing about Room 15 is that Miss Langdon has brought in a half-size violin which we are allowed to play every day before school. 
Please come and visit our blog to see all the learning we do this year.