Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Totara Team Activites Week - Masterchef Rm15

The Totara team have been divided into four groups and each afternoon the groups go to different classrooms to do a fun activity.  In Room 15 we get to be masterchefs, designing and making gourmet rice crackers.  Yum!  
Masterchef Junior - Room 15 on PhotoPeach

Geometry in Room 15

We are enjoying studying geometry in Room 15.  Here is some of our work.  We completed some symmetry pictures by drawing the mirror-image of the outline on the left.  The centre line is called an axis. We could use the grid lines to help us find where to draw the lines on the right hand side.

We also had fun making some 3D (three dimensional) shapes. We made lots of tetrahedrons and a few other interesting shapes. How many can you name?