Sunday, March 24, 2013

Room 15's Monarchs

Just hatched and drying my wings.

The butterfly has four wings but it looks like the Monarch Butterfly only has two wings.  When our butterfly came out of the chrysalis it hung down for about 3 hours.  Our caterpillars keep getting fatter and fatter.  Over the night and day it chews big holes.  Nevarah  


Using Similes

Last week we were learning to use a simile in our writing about ourselves.  A simile uses the words 'like' or 'as' when we are making a comparison between two things that are not alike.  For example: Sadness is as dark as the sky on a starless night.  Here are some of our attempts:

My hands are like wriggly worms.  My nose is pointy like sharp teeth and my eyes are like brown bark.

My hair is dark brown like my teddy bear and it is fluffy. We like my teddy bear.

My arm is like a wobbly snake and my teeth are like hard metal and sharp like a shark.  My hair is like prickly grass.  My nose curves like a worm.

My mouth is like a door opening and shutting when I talk and my hands are like sticks.

My hair is shimmery like a pond of water.  My eyes are like the inside of a treasure chest.  My smile line is like a wiggly worm.  My teeth are like shark fins.  My fingers are like octopus tentacles.