Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Chapter Chat - The Sasquatch Escape

Room 15 has joined a group of learners who will be reading a novel called The Sasquatch Escape written by Suzanne Selfors.  This is a twitter book chat so we have taken to Twitter - feel free to check us out @room15hes

Today we completed a pre-reading activity.  Here's what we thought:

Pre-reading tasks for The Sasquatch Escape
Question 1: Look at the front cover.  Why do you think these pictures have been used?
Ruben thought it was showing us the characters.  Antonia thought it might be showing where the characters explore in the story.  Ezra said it is making it look interesting so people want to read it.  Maia said it might be showing you what is going to happen.
Question 2:  Think about the title.  What illustrations would you expect to see and why?
Lennox W told us a sasquatch is a big hairy beast.  Rohan thought the cover is showing 2 children escaping from a Sasquatch.  Sneha thought she would have seen the children hiding from the sasquatch.  Ryan thought the picture would have been of the sasquatch grabbing the children.
Question 3:  Read the BLURB about the book.  Now, why do you think the author has used these illustrations?
Anijioke thinks the author used the picture from the cover of the book to shows us the sasquatch is escaping from the Hospital of Imaginary Creatures.  Ariana thinks the children are helping the sasquatch escape.
Question 4:  Research the author.  What facts can you find out about her?
Fact 1:  Suzanne lives on an island - research by Ryan
Fact 2:  Suzanne’s first book was to Catch a Mermaid - research by Sneha
Fact 3:  Suzanne has a cat and a dog - research by Evelin
Fact 4:  Suzanne’s husband is a pilot - research by Evanijah
Fact 5:  Suzanne used to be a flower grower - research by Giovanni

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